Helite E-GP Air Airbag Racing Jacket  £737.19

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Helite E-GP Air Airbag Racing Jacket

The e-GP Air has been particularly designed for race track. This electronic, wireless model provides ultra-fast fall detection and excellent protection of the vital areas.


The airbag integrated into the vest absorbs shocks and stabilizes the body from head to tailbone. It offers optimal protection of the neck and cervical and covers the vital parts (thorax and back).

and the biggest airbag protection volume on the market: between 17 and 28 liters (according to the airbag size)


Front and back body armours are integrated for a double TURTLE effect!

Impact forces are distributed over the entire airbag, significantly improving energy absoprtion and reducing the risk of intrusion.


The e-GP Air airbag integrates the Helite electronic system. Easy to use, simply press the button three times to switch the system on or off.


The e-cartridge deploys the airbag in the event of a fall. It is easily and quickly installed and replaced by the pilot.


The CDU sensor integrated in the vest follows and analyzes the motorcyclist’s motion in context. In the event of a fall, it automatically triggers the airbag before impact.


Very strong abrasion resistance with leather (cowhide 1,2 mm) + foam to protect the airbag chamber. If damaged, the leather sliders on the back can be easily replaced thanks to the velcro.

Attention has been focused on aerodynamics with a space for the suit’s hump. Thus, the vest fits over any leather suit.

Tight body fit with stretchy leather sides. We use a stretchy material on the neck/shoulders to have an optimal protection when the airbag inflates.

Easy opening with gloves.

Adjustment velcro and stretchy material to fit the e-GP Air nicely over any suits. We use a red velcro to show the limit to close the e-GP Air airbag.

Sponsor logos can be sewn on the front and back via a zipper. The German brand Rabatz Racing offers fully customizable leather patches.

Reccomended for European use 

This product is covered by a European Warranty product must be returned to us

Size Chart

Due to customer complaints/returns caused by Helite's own sizing chart we have used our experience instore to compile the sizing guides below, one showing the physical size of the vests and the other the recommended size to buy based on your T-Shirt size. We have found this to be significantly more accurate but feel free to contact us if you require assistance

Physical Vest Measurements S M L XL LL XLL
Height (cm) 67 71 77 80 77 81
Waist (cm) 96 102 106 112 120  130
Canister 60cc 60cc 60cc 60cc 100cc 100cc

Waist can adjust +/- 10cm using velcro straps.

T-Shirt Size S M L XL XXL XXXL
Chest Size 40 42 44 46 48 50
Helite vest S M L XL LL XLL


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