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PJ1 are the world's largest exclusive line of paints, oils, lubricants, and maintenance products. The forerunner in Powersports lubrication. For 40 years passionately innovating and constantly improving their products to help the world´s bikers and motor sport enthusiasts go faster, higher, further and last longer than ever before. Operating in 50 countries worldwide developing and delivering state-of-the-art products for Powersports and Motorsports enthusiasts worldwide. Setting the standard for durability, lubrication, rust and corrosion control, extreme weather protection, chemical resistance, and high temperature tolerance. PJ1’s advanced formulas have even played their role in the development of the US Air Force´s Stealth Fighter, NASA´s Space Shuttle, the B-2 Bomber and just about every satellite circling the globe. If you want the very best performance from your motorcycles, ATV, race car or custom car choose PJ1.