Crossan Workshop

5 Star Workshop

Crossan Motorcycles has one of the most up to date Motorcycle Workshops in the country. We have recently updated our Dyno to the new Dynojet 250i model with full Inertia Load Control for getting the best out of your fuel injected bikes. We specialise in the fitting and supply of Dynojet Power Commanders, Air filters by K'N , PiperCross and BMC. We can supply and fit Most Exhaust systems from makers like, Yoshimura, Scorpion, Two Brothers, Laser, you name it, we can supply it at a competitive price plus fit and test on the dyno to make sure the bike is not running too lean or rich with it on.


We have fully trained technicians used to working on our race bikes, so you know your bike will recieve the care and attention to detail it deserves during servicing and repair work, from chain and sprockets, clutches, brakes, fork seals, tyre fitting, diagnostic fault finding to full engine strip downs and repairs, no job is too big or small. Our Labour rates are competitive at £40 inc vat per hour.


With New licencing Laws, we now can carry out inhouse restrictions to most bikes for 33BHP and any other limits. Our Prices vary per bike but typically a 4 cylinder bike can be restricted for £160 including parts and labour, 3 cylinder bike £140, 2 cylinder bike £120 including parts and labour.


We specialise in providing really good Custom Maps for performance road and race motorcycles using power commanders, we usually charge £40 per hour dyno time and a good quality map typically costs £150 for Dyno & Labour time.



Crossan Workshop