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EBC LogoFA419 A. 89.25 x 40.65 x 9.75mm B. 89.25 x 40.65 x 9.75mm

GSR 400 K6/K7/K8 06-08 R
GSR 600 K6/K7/K8 06-10 R
GSXR 600 K6/K7/K8/K9/L0 06-10 R
GSXR 750 K6/K7/K8/K9/L0 06-10 R
GSXR 1000 K7/K8 07-10 R
GSX 1300 RK8/RK9/RL0 Hayabusa 08-10 R
GSX 1300 BKK8 B-King 08-10 R

Equivalents OE #

69101 44810
69100 15830

Competitor X Ref


FA   HH   R   MXS   EPFA
FA419  FA419HH  -  -  -

EBC Organic Brake Pads FA series Kevlar organic pads provide
fingertip stopping power and are the preferred choice for many sportbike riders; having low disc attack characteristics and medium lifetime.

EBC Double-HTM Superbike Pads FA series; with HH suffix; denotes EBC’s American made ultra high friction Double-H
sintered copper alloy brake pads for maximum stopping power and lifetime. Fitted with stainless steel radiator plates for bikes without built in piston insulators to reduce heat transfer
into hydraulics and new double compact vented technology for wider pads; reducing backplate bending.

HH Suffix = High Performance Sintered Pad
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