Shoei Pinlock Insert CX1 CX-1V Fits Raid 2/XR1000/XSpirit/MultiTec/XR800/ От £25.99

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Shoei Pinlock Inserts

Fits the following Shoei Helmets

  • Shoei Raid I
  • Shoei XR 800 / 900
  • Shoei XV / XVR
  • Shoei Exceed / Exceed 2
  • Shoei RS 700
  • Shoei Interceptor
  • Shoei Z1
  • Shoei Syncrotec / Syncrotec 2
  • Raid 2
  • XR1000
  • X Spirit (not original)
  • MultiTec series helmets.

Alternatively Fits any Shoei Visor with the following Code stamped on the visor

  • CX-1
  • CX-1V

Pinlock – Fog Free Systems. 
Pinlock Fog Resistant Visor inserts ensure you have a clear view whatever the weather conditions. Pinlock is created out of a moist-absorbing plastic and the silicone seal on the Pinlock creates an air tight double visor. It is easy to fit - placed between two adjustable pins - and the system is interchangeable making it easy to switch visor inserts when the weather changes. Pinlock can be used all year round during hot and humid conditions and wet; cold periods and makes riding with a completely closed visor entirely possible without any visor misting.

For more information on please visit our Youtube Channel

Buy Shoei Pinlock Visor Inserts From The Visorshop Online Motorcycle Superstore

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