Richa D3O Ghost Knee/Elbow Protector (Pair) Level 2  £39.99

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Richa D3O Ghost Knee/Elbow Protector (Pair) Level 2

It works on the same basis as standard D3O armour, with a non-Newtonian fluid at the heart of its structure. Like all D3O armour it is highly flexible, and becomes more so as it absorbs the body's heat. But it hardens on impact. Ghost armour is particularly thin, however. It still meets the EN 16121 standard at Level 2, but because it is so light and flexible it is even more comfortable to wear than a standard D3O hip protector. The armour has been designed so that, in most instances, it will fit directly into the standard pockets that took the 'old' D3O protectors.

  • CE-certified elbow protection for bikers
  • Developed from patented D3O® technology
  • Provides the quality and toughness you expect from D3O®
  • Low profile design to keep you aerodynamic
  • Incorporates airwave technology for improved airflow
  • Fit and forget
  • crafted to conform to your shape and move with your body
  • Meets Level 2 requirements in ambient, wet and cold conditions
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