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REV'IT Collar Juno

The Juno is a small wind collar with loads of functionality. The 3D roundknit construction provides comfort as it has superior elasticity for optimal shaping to the body. The moisture managing properties keep the skin dry in both summer and winter which makes this buff suitable for year-round use.


  • seamless in 3D round knit technology
  • Seamless 3D round-knit garments provide superior comfort and technical function for a wide range of athletic activities, including motorcycle riding. The 3D name comes from the texture and shape of the roundknit. Made on a circular knitting machine, seamless garments have superior elasticity for optimal shaping to the body. The virtual lack of seams results in optimal comfort, while also imparting important functionality: fewer seams make the garment less vulnerable for seam breaks, drop stitches, etc., and therefore longer lasting. Those seams that are absolutely necessary are made using flatlock technology, to eliminate bulk. The result is the ultimate in comfort and function.
  • odour control
  • insulating function
  • antibacterial finish
  • overlock seams
  • A seam made of an overlock stitch, which is sewn over the edge of one or two pieces of cloth to provide edging.
  • autofit hems


  • ergonomic fit


  • Outer shell
  • polyamide
  • Polyamide - better known as Nylon - is a collection of polymers that create an excellent resistance to wear and tear as well as a low coefficient of friction, to reduce air-resistance.

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