Respro Foggy Anti-Fog Mask (Blue)  £22.99

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RESPRO Foggy Anti-Fog Mask (Blue)

Respro® usually known for its anti pollution masks and scarves are again leading the way forward with their
latest innovation; The Foggy® Breathguard. As you know; visor fogging is a major problem for all bikers and pillion riders - it would be good for car drivers too - if they could see in the first place!

Respro® have come up with a uniquely practical concept that's 99.9% effective and is superb value for money. It
works with full face crash helmets; is easily fitted and once in place; never has to be removed except for the occasional machine wash. It requires no maintenance;
none at all!. You simply fit it and forget it.

'This product cannot be returned if packaging has been opened'

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