RST Pro Series Ventilator-X CE Textile Jacket 2367 (Silver/Black)  £169.99

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RST Pro Series Ventilator-X CE Textile Jacket 2367 (Silver/Black)

Directing masses of cool air into the jacket, the RST Ventilator-X Jacket is exactly as described; a textile motorcycle jacket with huge amounts of ventilation and perfect for warm weather or riding in hot climates.

Created in a MaxTex outer with a Ballistic textile overlay, the RST Ventilator Jacket is a robust yet lightweight textile motorcycle jacket with one aim in mind; to keep you cool! The MaxTex outer is hardwearing and incredibly abrasion resistant, while the Ballistic textile overlay at the shoulders offers additionally resistance to abrasion in a key area. However, the star of the show is K300 mesh panelling, also designed to be abrasion resistant, that offers a massive amount of cool air flow into the jacket when riding. Large panels of K300 mesh can be found at both the front and rear of the jacket, allowing plenty of cool air into the jacket while also efficiently extracting warm air from within the jacket too. All seams of the jacket are double and triple stitched for your peace of mind, ensuring that the risk of blowout and seam failure is taken care of.

Beneath the outer construction of the jacket lie dedicated armour pockets, strategically placed to cover areas that can be subjected to damage in the event of an accident. A CE Level 2 back protector, CE Level 1 shoulder protectors and CE Level 1 elbow protectors are designed to cushion the impact felt at these areas, dissipating impact energy away and minimising any damage, shortening your recovery time after an accident. Passive protection comes in the form of Reflex reflective print found on both the front and rear of the jacket, designed to enhance your visibility when riding in wet weather conditions or when riding at night.

Within this vented motorcycle jacket lies a fixed mesh comfort liner, maximising the comfort when wearing the jacket and ensuring that the outer material doesn’t stick your skin when riding in warmer climates. Featured in the new Ventilator-X jacket is RST’s new X-Liner; this lining is a quilted thermal liner and SinAqua Pro waterproof membrane bonded together, offering incredible waterproofing properties and an additional layer of insulation in one lining, limiting the hassle of multiple interchangeable linings and furthering the usage of the jacket, turning this ventilated motorcycle jacket from a summer jacket to a winter jacket in a flash!

For additional durability and longevity, RST have chosen to use MAX zippers on this vented motorcycle jacket, the very same that are found on RST’s Pro Series Adventure Jackets. Additionally, you’ll find a 360° connection zipper at the waist of the jacket, allowing you seamlessly zip into any compatible RST trouser with a compatible zipper. For the ultimate two-piece ventilated motorcycle clothing outfit, we recommend choosing the RST Ventilator X motorcycle trouser, which can be colour matched to your jacket choice for the complete look and offer the same ventilation properties as the jacket. This not only minimises wind entering in through the rear of the jacket when you’re trying to keep warm but also minimises the risk of the small of your back becoming exposed in the event of a slide across the tarmac.

Comfort is important in all motorcycle clothing, which is why the RST Ventilator X jacket features textile accordion stretch panelling at the upper rear shoulders, ensuring that freedom of movement is available to the rider with no restrictions while remaining safe in the event of an accident. Arm and waist adjustments on the jacket can be used to tailor the fit of the jacket to suit the rider, letting you accommodate an additional layer underneath the jacket when riding in particularly cool weather or taking up an excess space when the RST X-Liner is removed from within the jacket. In addition to this, a neoprene comfort collar helps to reduce irritation at this area when the jacket is closed all the way to the collar.


  • Highly ventilated motorcycle jacket
  • CE Level 2 Back Protector
  • CE Level 1 Shoulder Armour
  • CE Level 1 Elbow Armour
  • MaxTex Outer Construction
  • K300 Mesh Ventilation Material
  • Ballistic textile overlay at shoulders
  • New RST X-Liner – combined thermal and waterproof lining
  • Fixed comfort mesh lining
  • Triple stitched with bonded nylon thread
  • MAX Zippers
  • 360° connection zipper
  • Reflex reflective printed detailing
  • Arm and waist adjustment
  • Neoprene comfort collar
  • Accordion stretch panelling
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