Nolan N21 Visor Joie De Vivre Helmet (Imperator Blue)  £134.99

только 2 На складеXX Small (54cm)
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Nolan N21 Visor Joie De Vivre Helmet (Imperator Blue)

The streamlined shape of the shell is inspired by the timeless "vintage" look, while presenting clean and modern lines. A multitude of different classic and "vintage" looks are available thanks to a variety of colour combinations for the inner padding, shell edge, VPS edge and side plates edge.

  • Polycarbonate outer shell
  • 2 size outer shell
  • Removable and washable inner lining
  • VPS sunscreen visor
  • Ultrawide external scratch resistent visor
  • Microlock retention system
  • Helmet lock rings
  • This Helmet is supplied with a Clear Visor as standard. 
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