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MUC-Off MIRACLE SHINE - The ultimate high quality polish and protectant.

Muc-Off Miracle Shine is the ultimate, high quality polish and protectant. It’s been specifically engineered to provide a deep, luxurious shine that will endure through all elements and keep your motorcycle looking like it’s just rolled off the showroom floor. Our unique formula contains a fusion of three separate waxes and a number of highly advanced ingredients that combine to produce a superior protective treatment.

The really clever part of Miracle Shine is its use of Fluoro Polymer Technology, which we have incorporated for its amazing ability to repel water and atmospheric pollutants. This means your bike stays cleaner between washes, but it will also be easy to clean when you do eventually need to give it a quick scrub. Each time you apply Miracle Shine a Fluoro Polymer layer ‘knits’ together to form a microscopic protective barrier that’s ultra tough and can extend the life of your motorbike’s finish by preventing the build up of dirt and grime.


  • Removes imperfections and fills minor scratches
  • Flouro Polymer technology creates a microscopic layer of protection
  • Repels water and atmospheric pollutants
  • Reduces washing and maintenance time
  • Prevents build up of dirt and grime
  • Silicon oils allow easy application and incredible depth of shine
  • Will not leave a powdery white residue
  • Safe on paintwork, clear coat, carbon fibre, chrome, metal & plastics

Directions for use:
Step 1 - Thoroughly wash and dry surfaces before use. Shake can vigorously and apply a small amount of Miracle Shine using a microfibre cloth. 

Step 2 - Wait approximately 30-45 seconds or until the polish begins to haze before gently buffing it off. Do not let polish dry or apply in direct sunlight.

Step 3 - Multiple coats may be applied for increased protection and shine. Wait 24hrs before reapplying.

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