Michelin Commander 3 Cruiser Motorcycle Tyres От £114.00

только 2 На складе110/90 B 19 M/C 62H TL/TT Front
РРП £134.00
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отправка 2 - 3 дней80/90 21 M/C 54H REINF TL/TT (F)
РРП £125.00
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только 2 На складе90/90 - 21 M/C 54H TL/TT Front
РРП £142.00
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отправка 2 - 3 дней140/90 B15 M/C 76H REINF TL/TT (R)
РРП £172.00
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только 1 На складе150/90 B 15 M/C 74H TL/TT Rear
РРП £187.00
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только 1 На складе170/80 B 15 M/C 77H TL/TT Rear
РРП £191.00
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отправка 2 - 3 дней180/70 B 15 M/C 76H TL/TT Rear
РРП £180.00
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отправка 2 - 3 дней140/90 B 16 M/C 77H REINF TL/TT (R)
РРП £186.00
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отправка 2 - 3 дней160/70 B 17 M/C 73V TL/TT Rear
РРП £192.00
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отправка 2 - 3 дней200/55 17 M/C 78V TL Rear
РРП £214.00
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Michelin Commander 3 Motorcycle Tyres

The newest MICHELIN tyre for all types of V-Twin Cruiser bikes

Exceptional wet grip for Cruiser bikes and Longevity

  • The MICHELIN Commander III  tyre is designed to go the distance with enhanced wet grip and longevity that exceeds its predecessor thanks to new tread compounds.
  • Wet oriented without wear compromise with 100% silica rubber compound on front and rear tire for better wet grip and more safety. 

Patented velvet sidewall styling 

  • The distinctive tread patterns and patented premium touch technology sidewall designs* of the MICHELIN Commander III tire line enhance the styling of V-Twin motorcycles.
  • *Create contrast by light absorption via a micro geometry on the tyre surface and allows to modulate the contrast and create shades of gray.

New profile to optimize contact patch

  • A new mold profile that optimizes the contact patch for a better homogenous pressure on the ground : regular wear and wet adhesion, even when curving


  • The MICHELIN Commander III  tyre is designed to deliver even more unmatched durability than the MICHELIN Commander II tyre

Can the Commander III be mixed with other tyres?

  • To ensure the best level of performance and safety, our ranges are developed based on a uniform fitting to the front and rear. It is therefore recommended that different ranges are not mixed on the same motorcycle. If different generations are mixed, it is advisable to fit the MICHELIN Commander III to the front wheel.

Is there a specific load recommendation for Commander III ?

  • Michelin advice to respect maximum load recommended by bike manufacturer.
  • If the vehicle is over loaded (in reference of the manufacturer recommendations), tyre failure and loss of control of the vehicle can happen.
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