MOTUL 100 Motomix 2T Mineral Engine Oil (1 Litre)  £9.26

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MOTUL 100 2T 2 Stroke Mineral Motorcycle Engine Oil (1 Litre)

Motul 100 2T is a mineral 2 stroke lubricant specially developed for motorcycles and mopeds.


Recommended for any 2 stroke bike, trails, off road bikes and mopeds fitted with small displacement 2 stroke engines. Suitable for oil injector systems or premix, using all types of petrol fuels: leaded or unleaded, with or without ethanol, as well as biofuels.

Compatible with catalytic converters.

Pre-Mix Ratio:

From 3% to 4% (from 33:1 to 25:1), according to manufacturers' requirements.


  • Suitable for all kinds of oil injection systems
  • Minimises deposits on internal engine components and exhaust pipes
  • Prevents spark plug from fouling
  • Instantaneous and stable mixing with petrol

International Standards:

The Standards API (American Petroleum Institute) defines the performance of engine oils for gasoline engines using service categories ("S"). These range from the latest service category "SN", valid since 2010, to the oldest category "SJ", introduced in 2001. It is important that the latest service category covers the capabilities of the preceding service categories.

JASO (Japanese Automobile Standards Organization) has developed its own standard for 4-stroke motorcycle engine oils with the JASO T903. The grades MA, MA1 and MA2 now facilitate the selection of motorcycle engine oils, which were developed especially for wet clutches. JASO MA2 stands for highest coefficients of friction and thus for optimum clutch compatibility during gear changes - during the acceleration phase and even at consistently high speeds. MOTUL 4-stroke engine oils meet JASO MA2 specifications according to the latest JASO T903 standard. One exception is the 300V racing engine oils, which in turn exceed existing standards.