HJC HJ-20M & HJ-20ST Pinlock Insert Max Vision От £29.99

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HJC Pinlock Insert - To Fit the HJ-20M Visor

Fits the Following HJC Helmets

  • IS-17
  • FG-17
  • FG-ST
  • C70
  • RPHA 70ST

Suitable Only For Max Vision Visors  

Built-in pins on the shield along with the Pinlock Anti-Fog Lens transforms your single shield into a dual shield that will resist fog buildup
Pinlock lenses are created out of a moisture absorbing plastic. The silicone seal on the lens creates an airtight pocket between the shield and lens.

The lens is placed between two adjustable eccentric pins, making it easy to install or switch lenses as weather conditions change.
Choose your preferred tint and the insert that fits the model helmet shield you have
Easily cleaned; use lukewarm water or a small amount of mild liquid soap and water and a damp non-abrasive cloth only. Allow the lens to dry naturally.

The Pinlock lens is made of a soft moisture absorbing material; the lens is less scratch resistant than the face shield. Wrap the lens in a soft cloth material when storing extra lenses.

Note: These inserts are for use with motorcycle helmet shields that have the connection posts for attachment. These inserts cannot be used with a shield that does not have the attachment posts.

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