Deltran Battery Tender Digital Voltage LCD Indicator  £19.95

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Deltran Battery Tender Digital Voltage LCD Indicator

The Battery Tender Digital Voltage Indicator is designed for use on 12v Flooded, AGM and Gel batteries. It displays voltage between 3 to 16 volts. When the button is pushed or initially plugged in it will display the voltage, and has three indicator lights to let you know your batteries condition: Green (Battery Charged: Greater than 12.0v), Yellow (Battery is Low: 11.6 to 12.0v), and Red (Battery is Discharged: Less than 11.6v).

This product plugs into the end of your Deltran battery charger wiring harness, and gives you an instant reading of the voltage of your battery while installed . No need to remove the seat or side panels to get a quick check of your batteries state of charge.

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