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Daytona Voltex Toe Sliders (Pair)
Daytona Lady Star Insole
Daytona Insoles
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Daytona Standard Toe Slider Plastic (Pair)
Daytona Evo Shin Pad (Pair)
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Daytona Logo Daytona Boots are regarded as the best motorcycle boots in the world, Handmade in Germany recognised as being at the cutting edge of safety, performance and innovation as well as for high levels of quality and durability. Awarded the title of best brand ten years in a row. A boot designed for the everyday rider able to withstand high use and extreme weather conditions far outlasting rival brands, offering the same levels of performance and protection up to 10-15 years after purchase. Using the finest materials, construction techniques and years of boot-building knowledge, Daytona Motorcycle Boots are both protective and comfortable, every inch of each Daytona boot has been thoroughly thought out and made precisely to the needs of riders. Chosen by professionals from racers to police and emergency services who wear their boots all day who want the greatest amount of protection on the bike, and maximum comfort off of it. Daytona boots offer serious protection from the solid anatomically formed reinforced heel to the galvanised steel anti-slip soles designed to take the weight of a bike resting on them. You’ll find shinbone protection padded with latex foam inside a 3M-Scotchlite heel reflector, curved main zip, designed not to burst or rip open in the event of an accident. Anatomically formed robust ankle reinforcement that offers serious protection to critical areas. Riding in a pair of Daytona boots ensures that your feet will be safe and dry at the end of your journey.