Arai Renegade-V Cheek Pads  £39.99

отправка 2 - 3 дней12mm
отправка 2 - 3 дней15mm
только 1 На складе20mm
только 1 На складе25mm
только 3 На складе30mm
отправка 2 - 3 дней35mm
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Arai Renegade V Cheek Pads

The Arai Renegade V,Motorcycle Helmet cheek pads are one of the most important components of your Arai Helmet. Not only does the Multi density foam liner absorb the impact of a crash but the softer comfort lining offers both comfort and ensures that your helmet remains a good safe fit.
Because we all have different sized and shaped faces Arai have developed their cheek pads to allow truly tailor fitted comfort and ultimate safety. This innovative design ensures that your helmet sits not too tight and not too loose on your cheeks.

Arai Renegade V Cheek Pads Size Guide

Arai Cheek pads are sold as a pair, they caome in various thickness for custom fitting purposes, to check what thickness your helmet has, simply remove the cheekpad and check the sticker on the rear.

Arai cheek pads are available in many sizes to help you get a custom fit of your helmet. Before ordering the Arai cheek pads please check below the fitting guide that shows the standard size and the sizes required to make the helmet a looser or a tighter fit.

Helmet Size      Standard Size     Looser Size     Tighter Size
X-Small                  30mm                 25mm             35mm
Small                     25mm                 20mm             30mm
Medium                  25mm                 20mm             30mm
Large                    20mm                 15mm              25mm
X-Large                 20mm                 15mm              25mm
XX-Large               15mm                 12mm              20mm

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