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Arai Rapide Motorcycle Helmet (White)

Based on a model that’s been available in Japan for a while known as the Rapide Neo it blends Arai’s safety-first approach with styling that’s every inch a cry back to the 1980s. A totally modern and up-to-date helmet that has been designed to work on a classic, retro, cruiser, custom, streetfighter, or indeed just about any kind of naked, sit-up bike.

Using Arai’s signature rounded shell that’s designed to ‘glance off’, meaning it spreads impact forces over a wider area so the impact energy isn’t concentrated in one area of the rider’s head.

Ventilation runs through channels in the impact-absorbing EPS, and while there are no obvious vents on the forehead, the eyebrow vents that bring in air through ports on the visor are designed to do a lot of the work.

Six meshed chin vents help prevent the visor fogging, these can be closed using a switch on the inside of the chinbar. The Rapide also has a Pinlock ready visor 

A plush inner liner has been treated to keep it fresher for longer, as well as both temple and cheekpads that can be reduced by 5mm to give a more comfortable custom fit for the rider.

Emergency release tab on cheek pads to quickly and safely allow the emergency service to remove the helmet in the event of an accident.


  • Made from Arai's exclusive SFB (Super fibre belt) born from F1 helmet technology, which increases rigidity and reduces weight
  • SFB has higher fibre density than ordinary glass fibre and 40% higher tensile and compressive strength
  • High efficiency ventilation via multiple front air intakes and rear exhaust slit
  • FFS (Free Flow System) reduces unpleasant wind from the bottom of the helmet to the mouth
  • FFS also forcibly evacuates moist exhalation from the helmet, which in turn reduces the visor misting
  • FCS adjustable interior (antibacterial, deodorising)
  • Visor system with VAS-V post as standard equipment including MaxVision Pinlock Insert.
  • Quality Certificate: Snell Standard Approval
  • Weight: 1500g
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