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Arai Astro Light Motorcycle Helmet (White)

Arai Logo If you want the ultimate and safest motorcycle helmet there is only one choice, Arai Helmets. Since 1937, this family owned company has committed itself to one goal, making the very best motorcycle helmet possible. What separates Arai from other helmet makers: the pride and care they bring to what they do focused on developing the best possible helmet without compromising for profit or cheaper production costs. Handmade taking over 18 man hours by skilled craftsmen, inspected by different quality inspectors 5 times during production ensuring a perfect product. Arai maintains quality checks according to self-established in-house standard in addition to mandatory national standards, ‘’standards are our baseline, not our goal’’. It is the individual helmet that works to protect in the real world, not the standard. All Arai helmets are created with techniques derived from their long experience in racing together with knowledge gained in decades of analysing road traffic accidents. The Arai helmet you can buy with your local dealer is the same helmet as worn on the track by professional racers in MotoGP, Formula 1, Motocross, etc. No special, racer-only models. In the words of Mr. Mitch Arai, the president and son of the founder: “How can you say one person’s head is worth more than another’s?” Arai quality, performance, comfort, fit and finish are not compromised to fit a pre-determined retail price. The price of an Arai helmet derives from its quality and desire to make the best possible helmet.