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Shoei Beanie (Grey)
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Shoei Logo Shoei is one of the premier market leading manufacturers and recognisable brands of motorcycle helmets in the world dedicated to the development of superior helmet technology since 1958. SHOEI manufactures all helmets (and all helmet parts) in Japan, even though manufacturing costs there have long since exceeded the level available in many other countries. SHOEI exclusively uses fibre-reinforced plastics that offer the best properties for the manufacture of a helmet shell. Thanks to having many years of experience and highly specialised employees, SHOEI is in a position to produce helmet shells that are extremely strong and yet light. Each helmet shell is marked personally by the employee who is responsible for it and thus puts his name on the line for the quality, something that Shoei is very passionate about. Shoei Helmets are one of the strongest and safest motorcycle helmets available in the world. Used by some of the top racers in the world including Marc Marques added to this the beautiful designs and replicas helmets available makes Shoei an excellent choice for anyone riding a motorcycle from off road, racing or on road that cares about safety, comfort and quality.