Roof Boxxer Carbon Flip Front Helmet (Matt Black)  £395.00

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Boxxer Carbon Motorcycle Helmet (Matt Black)

One of the most iconic helmets on the planet just got even more iconic. The Roof Boxer V8 now has a carbon fiber brother: The Boxxer Carbon is here. Major evolution is identifiable by an extra X in the name! The name says it already, but the biggest news is the new carbonfiber/fiberglass multi-composite shell. It doesn't only look good, together with the double density EPS liner it offers ultimate protection and low weight. Another big improvement is the new locking system. With the Boxer V8 you have to push the locking mechanisms manually on both sides. The Boxxer Carbon sports an automatic locking system: just push the chin piece down and it will click right into place. 

There are a few smaller new features as well. You will find a new visor seal (or gasket) that vastly improves the waterproof performance compared to the Boxer V8. To accomodate a lot of riders with different head shapes, the interior can be adjusted by adding or removing pads to either make the helmet more oval or more round. The chin strap has also been updated. You will now find a micrometic quick release buckle, rather than the "seatbelt style" chin strap on the Boxer V8. The new chin strap is fixed to the shell at 4 points (usually 2) to improve safety and to prevent the helmet from rolling backwards during an accident. 


  • Double Density Safety Liner
  • Constantly Aerodynamic
  • Adaptable Lining
  • Multi-Composite Shell - Carbon Fiber / Fiber Glass
  • Passive and Active Defog
  • Double Approval - Open and Full Face
  • Seal with Reversible Lip
  • 4 Point Chinstrap
  • Lightweight - 1550gr
  • Venturi Air Vents
  • Automatic Locking
  • E22-05 Jet and Full-Face certified
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