Revit Belt Safeway 2 (Black)  £49.99

só 1 em estoque85cm / Waist 34
só 2 em estoque95cm / Waist 38
só 1 em estoque110cm / Waist 44
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REV'IT Connector Belt Safeway 2

The Safeway 2 makes it possible to connect your jeans to your jacket with the connection zipper.. This belt delivers an extremely strong connection between the jacket and the jeans. The belt contains a short connection zipper that attaches to the jacket's connection zipper.

 All REV'IT! jackets are compatible with the Safeway belt. When the belt is connected to the jacket it will put major pressure on the belt loops, the REV'IT! jeans are prepared for that and will stay nicely in place, partly due to diagonal placed belt loops on the side and partly thanks to the double belt loops at the back rise. The belt is delivered with both sides of the zipper in case a customer wants to attach it to another jacket. The belt comes in one size and the length can be easily adjusted by moving the screw that holds the buckle.

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