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Nikwax Tent & Gear Solar Proof

Nikwax Tent and Gear SolarProof is a spray-on waterproofing and UV blocker for all weatherproof textiles including tents, awnings, marquees, rucksacks, panniers and camera bags.

Always apply this product to new or used tents and equipment to keep items in perfect water-repellent condition, and protect against UV degradation. Remember to clean gear first with Nikwax Tech Wash before applying Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarProof®

Size: 500ml

Ideal for - All weatherproof textiles including tents, awnings, marquees, rucksacks, panniers and camera bags.

Volume Guide:

  • 500ml for 2 Person Tent
  • 500ml for 3/4 Person Tent
  • 1L for family Tent
  • 5L for group use


  • Adds / renews water repellence of tents and weatherproof fabrics.
  • One application doubles the effective life of fabrics exposed to sunlight.
  • Reduces colour fade.
  • Water repellence doesn't break down in sunlight.
  • Speeds up drying time of a damp tent so it can be packed away quickly.
  • Prolongs the life of gear and optimises performance in wet and sunny weather.
  • Can be applied to damp fabric.
  • Easy to apply - simple spray application.
  • Will not affect cosmetic appearance.
  • Water based - environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non flammable and non hazardous.
  • Does not contain fluorocarbons.
Easier; Safer; Drier

Nikwax keeps you dry

Our WaterBased products offer higher concentrations of waterproofing agents than aerosol products… up to 5 times more concentrated. Nikwax doesn´t require heat to activate water-repellency; unlike fluorocarbon products; therefore works even on garments that can not be tumble-dried. Prolongs the use of gear and keeps you dry and comfortable in wet weather

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