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MUC-OFF Motorcycle Protectant 500ml

If you are looking for an all-round motorcycle protectant for your motorbike - then this is it! The high concentration of P.T.F.E helps prevent dirt adhesion between washes. Motorcycle Protectant has been developed so it can be used all over your motorbike, and has an after wash corrosion inhibitor which drives out moisture and leaves a non-sticky protective layer smelling of fresh Vanilla!

It’s safe to be used on the frame, chain, metal parts, plastics, rubber and of course the paintwork itself.

Directions for use:

After washing your bike with Muc-Off brake cleaner, shake can vigorously and apply Motorcycle Protectant to disperse remaining moisture. Wipe off any excess fluid and leave to dry.

Note: Mask braking surfaces before application.


  • High performance formula leaves dry, non-sticky protective film
  • For use after washing to drive out excess water
  • High concentration of PTFE prevents dirt adhesion
  • Makes an ideal winter protectant
  • Quick and easy to use
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