Muc-Off 2 in 1 Microfibre Wash Mitt  £7.10

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Muc-Off 2 in 1 Microfibre Wash Mitt

A 2 in 1 Microfibre Wash Mitt to give your machine the ultimate finish without the swirl marks. It's pink (of course), extra plush and fluffy and will see off sponges as a thing of the past - no more trapping grit and damaging your paintwork from here on in.

This 2-in-1 wash mitt uses split fibre technology to increase its cleaning surface area and care for a bike's delicate finishes. On one side the microfibre technology helps to break up dirt into minuscule particles and keep them away from the surface while you clean. While on the other, a waffle design gets rid of more stubborn deposits like bugs, tar, or any other grime that's tougher to remove.

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