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Fits The Following LS2 Helmets:

  • FF399
  • FF900 Valiant


  • The Pinlock® 70 fog resistant insert lens is the premium solution
  • Designed to fit your specific LS2 Pinlock prepared visor 
  • Passes the ECE standards mist-retardant test

Supplied with

  • Pinlock® insert (colour selected)
  • Fitting instructions
  • Protective film attached (this is a yellowish colour, please remove before use)


  • Genuine Pinlock® product
  • Moisture absorbing plastic
  • Silicone seal creates a double glazing effect
  • Fully removable & interchangeable item
  • Adjustable pins to allow correct tension of insert

Pinlock – Fog Free Systems

Pinlock Fog Resistant Visor inserts ensure you have a clear view whatever the weather conditions. Pinlock is created out of a moist-absorbing plastic and the silicone seal on the Pinlock creates an air tight double visor. It is easy to fit - placed between two adjustable pins - and the system is interchangeable making it easy to switch visor inserts when the weather changes. Pinlock can be used all year round during hot and humid conditions and wet; cold periods and makes riding with a completely closed visor entirely possible without any visor misting.

Visor not included

Buy LS2 Pinlock Visor Inserts From The Visorshop Online Motorcycle Superstore

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