DID Cadeia & Sprocket kit

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DID Chain & Sprocket Kit - Just choose Bike Size & Chain Quality
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DID Logo DID is the biggest most recognised names in the world of motorcycle chains. Manufactured in Japan to the highest standards, DID chains are fitted as standard original equipment by most of the leading motorcycle manufacturers whilst race teams put their trust in them too. The DID range of chain includes 415, 420, 428, 520, 525, 530, 532 and 630 pitch chains, in grades suitable for every motorcycle on the market DID is one of the top choices because of its longer life expectancy and the best power performance. D.I.D's X-Ring chain is designed for high performance motorcycles. Their patented X-Ring construction creates a chain that is low in friction and high in wear resistance. D.I.D's sealed chains incorporate D.I.D's uniquely designed seal-rings which seal D.I.D's special "V" grease in the pin/bushing area and lock dirt out. They are expected to last at least ten times longer than standard chains there increased rigidity means bowing and warping are also avoided resulting in increased smoother handling and a quicker response with reduced power loss. Truly the ultimate in motorcycle chains.