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Twisty Ride  Ride iPhone 3G/4/4S Charger (M/C & Scooters)
Twisty Ride  Ride iPhone 3G/4/4S Case For Scooters
Twisty Ride  Ride iPhone 3G/4/4S Case For M/cycles

Twisty Ride Logo Twisty Ride is a motorcycle business born from their passion as bikers who take pride in creating quality products that you can count on. Their rule is simple: we like it, we use it, we sell it. Twisty Ride is the leading manufacturer of waterproof iPhone mounts designed specifically for motorcycles. Having looked at and tried the other iPhone case and mounting options on the market while affordable, were probably designed by someone who has never been on a motorbike and had no practical knowledge of what was really needed. Mobile phones simply were not designed to withstand constant dust laden windblast, vibration, rapidly changing temperatures, oily and salty water spray and fat suicidal bugs ramming them at 100mph without provocation! The iPhone holder, cases, mounting system and charger have been thoroughly tested on long adventure style rides as well as on lengthy track days. Twisty Ride Motorcycle Phone cases are fully waterproof and dustproof and certified to the highest IP55 standard. This means your iPhone will remain powered and safe throughout your ride, no matter its length or the weather conditions. Partnering with RAM Mounts USA who are the kings of mounting systems to create a clean and simple solution for any bike currently on the market.