Shoei Glamster CPB-1 Visor  £109.99

solo 8 in magazzinoClear Pinlock Ready
solo 1 in magazzinoClear
solo 8 in magazzinoDark Pinlock Ready
solo 1 in magazzinoDark - Non Genuine
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Shoei Glamster CPB-1 Visor

The Clear Visor is a Genuine Shoei Visor

The dark smoke visor is a non genuine Bob Heath Visor  Where it states non Genuine visor, we offer non genuine Bob Heath visors were no OEM manufactured visor currently exists for the helmet. In the Case of the Shoei Glamster the Dark Smoke is not going to be available until 2021 this may help out those who are stuck for a dark visor now

Bob Heath Visors are manufacturers of quality replacement motorcycle helmet visors since the 1970's a UK based manufacturer supplying Lexan Motorcycle Helmet Visors certified to British Standard BS4110ZA. 

The Bob Heath ones are made in UK and fit perfectly

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