Scottoiler FS 365 Anti Corrosion Spray (1Litre)  £12.99

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Scott Oil FS 365 Anti Corrosion Spray

The Scottoiler FS 365 Bike Protector 1L Spray is the award-winning spray-on solution from Scottoiler, specially formulated to stop corrosion and make cleaning and maintaining your pride and joy super easy.

  • Water-based corrosion inhibitor.
  • The water content carries it to all the hard to reach places on the bike.
  • The water content evaporates leaving a film of protection on all surfaces.
  • Formulated using mild alkalis and PH buffers that work to balance out the acidic elements.
  • Continued use makes cleaning the bike easier and builds up a layer of protection.

This is the 1l spray bottle, a 5l refill is also available.

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