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Schuberth Caschi front flip

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1 - 28 of 28 Products
Capovolgere Caschi anteriore del motociclo
Schuberth GmbH is a German producer of motorcycle helmets specialised exclusively in the production of head protection technology since the 70’s there strict approach producing particularly high-quality products was and still is a permanent feature. As well as producing motorcycle helmets Schuberth also produce helmets for the firefighting, police and military sectors as well as Formula One most famously worn by Michael Schumacher with the S1 helmet being designed with his input by Schuberth for his forays into motorcycling after his Formula One career. They are the only helmet manufacturer in the world with its own wind and acoustic tunnels resulting in some of the smallest, lightest and quietist helmets in the world. Schuberth offer a range of helmets from flip front to full face race helmets offering maximum safety and optimum comfort combined with ‘‘German engineering" and the German quality standards in helmet production make their motorcycle helmets one of the best on the market.