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Muc-Off Bike Cleaner Concentrate 500ml

It’s the same great Bike Cleaner Concentrate, now in a refillable bottle! You will now find our 500ml Bike Cleaner Concentrate in a bottle, this HDPE bottle is more widely and easily recyclable which helps reduce the amount of plastic that finds its way into landfill, the bottle is also re-useable. Win, win. Just add water to make up two litres of Nano Tech Bike Cleaner for either bicycle or motorcycle.

  • Uses 79% less packaging that two 1 Litre Muc-Off bottles
  • Safe on all surfaces including carbon fibre & anodised metal
  • Will not harm seals, brake pads or rotors
  • 500ml bottle = 2 litres of Bike Cleaner
  • Quickly and safely cleans using Nano Technology
  • Biodegradable*, alkaline-based formula that is free from acids, solvents, and CFCs

*Only contents are biodegradable.


  • Shake bottle to activate formula. 
  • Fill a 1 litre Muc-Off Bike Cleaner bottle with 750ml of water before adding 250ml of Bike Cleaner Concentrate (see bottle indicator for accurate measuring).
  • Shake bottle vigorously to mix the water and Bike Cleaner Concentrate. 
  • Rinse bike thoroughly then apply Bike Cleaner Concentrate. 
  • Leave for 3-5 minutes and agitate any stubborn grime with a brush or sponge. 
  • Rinse bike with fresh, clean water.

Project Green is our never-ending commitment to deliver a multitude of environmentally-focussed improvements across our business. We love the planet we ride on, it’s our playground, and we’re driven to protect it for everyone.

This product has a Project Green credential; meaning that it’s either biodegradable, refillable, reusable, or all three!

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