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Ultraseal or Puncturesafe is the Original Premium Quality Tire Life Extender / Sealer, a unique liquid tyre sealant that continuously stands on guard to protect tyres of all shapes and sizes. Researched and developed over 45 years, Ultraseal helps protect hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide from punctures and the costs inevitably associated with them. Ultraseal / Puncturesafe is a liquid chemical formula which is installed inside the tyre in minutes through the tyre valve and without having to remove the wheels, and prevents flat tyres. When a tyre is punctured, Ultraseal is forced against the puncturing object, or into the wound it leaves. Special fibres entwine forming a clot. When exposed to outside air the seal hardens, becoming impervious to water (rain, snow, mud etc). Developed and used in off road desert racing in the USA and by NASA in the Apollo Lunar Rover Vehicle and by the US postal service to reduce costs and improve tyre life and fuel consumption.