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Shark Pinlock Inserts

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Shark VZ150 / VZ250 Pinlock Insert Fits Evo-One|Evo-One 2|Evo ES|Evo GT
Shark Pinlock Insert-VZ60/VZ65/ VZ80 Visor- S600/S650/S700/ S800/S900/Openline/Ridill
Shark Pinlock Insert- VZ120 Visor Vision-R/Explore-R
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RRP £24.99
Sauver 8%
à partir de£29.99
Shark  Pinlock Insert- VZ100 Visor-Speed-R/Race-R/Race-R-Pro/Race-R Pro Carbon
à partir de£29.99

Shark Logo Founded more than 25 years ago this French company has become one of the dominant market leading brands in the world of motorcycle helmet manufacture, employing over 600 people and trading in more than 45 countries. Established by former professional racers with a desire to push the boundaries of technology, innovation and rider safety. Shark helmets heritage is still evident today using the world’s most prestigious championships achieving more than 60 world championship titles along the way to help test and develop their products with names such as Carl Fogarty, Randy De Puniet, Cyril Despres and Scott Redding wearing and contributing to the design of high performance, safe and comfortable helmets for use in extreme conditions, both on and off the track. Their desire over deliver and to exceed current industry standards in safety has led them to achieve either a 4 or 5 star rating from the Governments independent Sharp test for all of the current Shark Helmet range. Shark motorcycle helmets guarantee their products for 5 years and offers a range of helmets that meet the needs of all motorcyclists whatever your riding style or budget.