Schuberth C3, C3 PRO, S2, E1 Clear Pinlock Insert 120  £26.99

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DisponibleClear SV1/S Fits XS-L (53-59cm)
RRP £27.99
Sauver 4%
seulement 7 DisponibleClear SV1/L Fits L-XXL (59-65cm)
RRP £27.99
Sauver 4%
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Schuberth C3, C3 PRO, S2, E1 Pinlock Insert

Please Check The Code Stamped On The Visor To Ensure You Select The Correct Sized Pinlock For Your Visor.

How To Size Choose Your Pinlock Insert Size

  • Pinlock To Fit Visors XS - L With Visor Code SV1/S Fits Helmets ranging from Sizes XS to Large (52 - 59cm)
  • Pinlock To Fit Visors L - XXL With Visor Code SV1/L Fits Helmets ranging from Sizes L - XXL (59 - 65cm) 

How Do I Find My Visor Code

The Visor Code is stamped on the Right Hand Side Of The Visor 

Pinlock® is widely recognized, by industry professionals and consumers, for its top performing fog-resistant insert lenses.

Pinlock® proudly announces an updated range of fog resistant insert lenses. By widening the range Pinlock® is able to offer eachtype of rider the best solution for their riding needs.

The Pinlock® 120 fog resistant insert lens is the solution for professionals. This lens is specially developed for usage in extreme conditions such as on the racetrack or adventure riding.


  • Dry hydrophilic technology
  • Double shield system
  • Most used fog resistant system worldwide
  • Easy to install

How to Fit A Schuberth Pinlock Insert

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