Richa Cold Protect Gore-Tex Glove (Black/Yellow)  £119.99

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Richa Cold Protect Gore-Tex Glove (Black/Fluorescent Yellow))

Warm & Waterproof and not so bulky to interfere with riding the motorcycle. According to the comparative test conducted by, these Richa gloves have perfected all the features you require in a winter glove

The test summary: "The Gore-Tex-based 'Cold Protect' laughed at our lab tests. They are waterproof, as advertised, cruising through the resistance test, the cold test and leak test without letting a drop of water through to the inner lining _ and they only took on 73g in the process. Cold protection is very good indeed. After five minutes my hand was no less warm than it was when it went in, only the Held [Freezer gloves] can offer anything to rival it in this area. To wear and use, they strike the right balance between size and comfort, bulky enough to stay warm but thin enough on the palms to give a good feel."

Test results: 

  • Test 1 Resistance test: 10/10
  • Test 2 Cold test: 10/10
  • Test 3 Waterproofing: 10/10
  • Test 4 Wet/dry weight test: 7/10
  • Test 5 Road test: 8/10

Overall: 45/50

As with many winter gloves, these motorcycle gloves are thicker than what we usually ride in. We would recommend buying a size bigger than you usually do.

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