RK Chain & Sprocket Kit - Just choose chain Quality and Bike Size à partir de £40.00

Niveau des stocksGrandeur/CouleurprixPanier
seulement 1 Disponible50-99cc Standard Chain
seulement 1 Disponible50-99cc Heavy Duty Chain
seulement 1 Disponible100-249cc Standard Chain
seulement 2 Disponible100-249cc Heavy Duty Chain
seulement 1 Disponible250-500cc Heavy Duty Chain
seulement 1 Disponible250-500cc O-Ring Chan
seulement 1 Disponible250-500cc Gold X-Ring Kit
seulement 1 Disponible501-750cc Gold X-Ring Kit
expédition 2 - 3 journées750-1400cc Gold X-Ring Kit
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This is probably the easiest way for you to order a chain & sprocket kit for your bike.
Simply choose the quality of the chain and the cc of your bike from the list, we will organise the rest for you, please remember to add the Make , Model and Year of your bike in the additional info box at checkout. its on the review order summary page just before you confim and place your order see screenshot below

On an odd occasion, we may have to charge slightly more for your kit, this is very rare and usually to do with your bike having special type sprockets which can be more expensive than normal, we will always notify you by e-mail if this is the case to confirm you wish to proceed.

On Occasion your specific kit may be less than stated above, we will refund you the difference.

These kits a are all suppled with JT sprockets these are a high quality Japaneese manufactured sprocket as RK no longer supply sprockets

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