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expédition 2 - 4 journéesRear Single Line
expédition 2 - 4 journéesFront Single Line
expédition 2 - 4 journéesFront Race 2 Line Kit
expédition 2 - 4 journéesOver Mudguard 2 Line Kit
expédition 2 - 4 journéesOEM Twin Disc 3 Line Kit
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The difference between winning and losing is a very fine line...

On every mile of every race track the importance of high performance precision braking control has been proven. Total feel and response give you the confidence you need on the road. The difference between an average rider and a great rider is those who can control speed and those who cannot. Speed is nothing without control and it's a very fine line - Which is why HEL Performance only supply very fine lines.

Each HEL Performance brake line kit is assembled in-house from the finest quality stainless steel fittings swaged directly to hard drawn tensile stainless steel braided hose.

With our extensive motorcycle listings the complete kit will be manufactured to exact specifications, guaranteeing the look, the quality and the performance you demand.

HEL Brake line kits eliminate that 'spongy' feeling often found with rubber hoses under extreme braking conditions - the time when performance is needed the most. By replacing the original rubber hoses with our complete system you will remove this sponginess and your braking will deliver new levels of precision.

Don't risk using inferior brake lines when you can trust us to improve braking reliability and performance - We use stainless steel in our lines and our fittings. Most competitors use zinc plated fittings which are at risk from corrosion.

**Choose your colour of Brake Line and Banjo in the additional inf box at checkout its on the review order summary page just before you confirm and place your order see screenshot below, if this is not done we will send silver banjos with silver Clear Line covering. Lines are made to order for your specific bike,hense 3 to 5 days delivery,  so we also need the Make, Model and Year of your bike to complete the order, again add this at checkout.

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