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Halcyon Logo Manufactures of quality British made automotive products and accessories for over 40 years. Halcyon offer a complete range of Classic & Modern Motorcycle goggles, Sunglasses, Motorcycle mirrors, driving goggles and classic car mirrors at the lowest prices. Based on the original RAF Mk8 and Mk9 flying goggles of WWII these products are the real thing, made by the company that bought the company that manufactured for the Battle of Britain pilots. Halcyons traditional style classic goggles are as original as they were back in the 1940’s when worn by WWII RAF pilots and are still as popular today with their distinctive timeless style. These are a Premium Grade item with high quality leather, hand stitched over soft padded foam, brass frames (polished, chromed and polished or painted), leather face masks and polycarbonate lenses. Customers are still using the same pair of Halcyon goggles after 20 years, this proves as a testament to the durability and value for money of choosing a pair of original Halcyon motorcycle goggles. Unique and fashionable whether you are a Classic Motorcyclist, an open top vintage car owner.