Schuberth C5 Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet (Concret Grey)  £569.99

despacho 2 - 3 díasX Small (52-53cm)
despacho 2 - 3 díasSmall (54-55cm)
despacho 2 - 3 díasMedium (56-57cm)
despacho 2 - 3 díasLarge (58-59cm)
despacho 2 - 3 díasX Large (60-61cm)
despacho 2 - 3 díasXX Large (62-63cm)
Sólo 1 DisponibleXXX Large (64-65cm)
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Schuberth C5 Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet (Concret Grey)

5 Year warranty when you register online

  • 2206 Homologation
  • P/J Homologation
  • Pre-installed Pinlock® 120 anti-fog lens
  • New SH branding concept: brushed metal plate on the helmet trim
  • Optional custom fit option with various sizes of cheek pads and heads to ensure the perfect fit
  • Improved field of view thanks to new City Position mechanism
  • New chin lock mechanism made in glass fiber reinforced plastic for lower weight and improved handling
  • New EPS material for improved shock absorption and increased head cavity , featuring 2 densities for main part and sides .
  • Easier lining maintenance thanks to cheek pads Velcro.
  • Glass fiber shell produced by patented Direct Fiber processing (DFP) – low weight
  • Developed in our in-house wind tunnel for superior aerodynamics and aeroacoustics
  • First-class visor for clear vison without distortion
  • Pre-installed speaker, cable harness , Radio antenna for SCHUBERTH communication systems (plug and play)
  • Integrated drop-down sun visor (two positions possible)
  • Anti-Roll-Off-System (A.R.O.S.) to ensure helmet is kept in place in case of accident
  • Seamless lining with highest quality fabrics from Italy (Oeko-Tex 100 certified) . Washable and easily removable High air ventilation due to multichannel ventilation with insect protection
  • Winter/ summer head pad.
  • Cheek pads prepared for wearing glasses
  • Patented turbolators
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning of air intakes.
Optional Comms system (speakers and antenna are already pre-installed so fitting time is less than 20 seconds!)
  • Latest Sena 50s software.
  • Mesh Intercom.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 featuring 2 BT Antennas, Multi-Way Intercom, Multi language voice command, Digital assistant ( Siri or Google assistant).
  • New pre paired wireless control Unit featuring 4 ergonomic buttons, for better handling.
  • Boom microphone included in the box as standard
  • Easily detachable Cable harness to avoid long lead times in case of system maintenance
  • Fully compatible with rest of Sena’ portfolio.
  • HD speakers .
  • Main Unit Battery duration up to 14 h. Remote Control
  • Battery up to 18 months.
  • Optional WiFi Adapter which charges AND installs firmware updates automatically
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