Revit Boots Cayman (Black)  £159.99

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Revit Boots Cayman (Black)

A blend of fashion, streetwear, and the outdoors in a unique footwear silhouette. We are raising the footwear bar with the Cayman motorcycle shoes. We looked to street style fashion when we were creating these motorcycle-ready high-tops. They have a clean and minimalist execution that is meant to echo their technical features. You’ll notice they’re devoid of shoelace holes, that’s because we’ve used a quick lace closure system here; similar to what you’ll find on trail running footwear. And to make sure the technical design remains unadulterated when you’re laced up, there’s an elastic pocked on the top of the tongue to tuck the excess lace away. That means nothing gets in your way when riding. Comfort comes in the form of a sole made of recycled rubber which is then complemented by the OrthoLite® X40 insole for all-day coziness. Furthermore, there is a large black reflective panel on the heel and a subtle strip on the toe for increased visibility in low-light conditions. Perforations along the shoes’ upper allow for a steady flow of fresh air. With rider protection in mind, the ankles are fortified with inner and outer impact disks. Additional reinforcements are found at the heels, and toes. The Cayman motorcycle shoes are offered with a black Nubuck leather upper and is meant for those who look for stand-out details and a material mix which fuses sportswear with a utility/ street style inspired character.


Outer shell

  • nubuck leather Nubuck is top-grain cattle rawhide leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side (outside) to give a velvet-like surface. Nubuck is similar to suede, but with a finer texture which is more durable.
  • PU coated fabric
  • nylon ripstop Nylon Ribstop is a lightweight nylon fabric, woven in a special pattern known as ribstop. During weaving, thick reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals in a crosshatch pattern in the fabric. This greatly increases the fabric’s resistance to tearing and ripping, making ribstop nylon extremely durable.


  • 3D mesh


  • injected ankle cup  |  reinforcements at ankle, heel and toe


  • reflection


  • 53% Leather, 31% Polyurethane, 16% Polyester


  • Ventilation holes These gloves have ventilation holes in strategic locations, allowing air to flow to the hands for ideal breathability.
  • Perforation on tongue These shoes have perforation on the tongue, providing ventilation and breathability.


  • Gusseted Tongue Construction The gusseted tongue construction is used to keep the tongue in place and keep debris, light water spray, and dirt out of the shoes
  • gear shift pad In order to protect your boot from damage an extra padding has been placed over the foot. When you shift gears your boot won't be damaged.
  • OrthoLite® Insole X40™ foam The OrthoLite® - In our lineup of shoes and boots, we use the OrthoLite™ X40™ insole, specifically for its high-rebound and elastic qualities, long-term cushioning and comfort, and lightweight properties.
  • PP insole with integrated shank To avoid torsion, the sole features a layer of polypropylene, while a reinforced polypropylene rib from the heel to the shank adds extra support for standing on the foot pegs. To ensure walking remains comfortable, the front end of the sole is equipped with grooves for flexibility.
  • Padded tongue
  • laces
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