Oxford Hot Grips Premium Cruiser for 1 inch HandleBars  £94.99

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Oxford Premium Cruiser Hot Grips for 1 inch HandleBars

These HotGrips are specifically designed for motorcycles with 1'' handlebars. The grip length is 138mm but can be trimmed to 119mm if required and has removable chrome end caps sp that bar end weights can be fitted.

  • Premium HotGrips cater for those who want high performance grips for specific motorcycle types and the full fat cumulation of Oxford’s 30+ years of electronics development in the ultimate heated grip.
  • Advanced ergonomic grip designs for specific motorcycle types.
  • Thicker rubber in areas of maximum wear; rhombus tread pattern for vibration absorbtion; 5² block siped tread patterns for high levels of grip and feel; diamond tread pattern where maximum grip is required.
  • The grip length is 120mm but can be trimmed to 110mm if required and has open ends so that bar end weights can be fitted.
  • Advanced 5 level heat controller, very compact due to miniaturised electronics.
  • Water-proof, heat-proof, frost-proof, vibration-proof, electrical pulse-proof.
  • 5 heat settings give the perfect operating temperature with LED lights to indicate the level.
  • Thanks to their unique expandable design and fool-proof wiring loom, HotGrips are extremely easy to fit.
  • Connection to the motorcycle could not be simpler: connect the 2 ring connectors to the battery.
  • No need to wire the positive to a live ignition feed.
  • The Battery Saving Mode protects against flat batteries.
  • New switch technology means that, if the engine is switched off, the grips will automatically turn off until enough power is available.
  • This eliminates the need for the user to buy and fit relays.
  • If you forget to turn the switch off, it will do it for you.

How To Fit Oxfords Hot Grips

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