Motorex Cross Power 4T 10W/60 (4 Stroke) Oil 1 Litre  £17.99

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Motorex Cross Power 4T (4 Stroke) Oil 1 Litre

Motorex Cross Power 4T Oil is used by top factory teams worldwide, by independent pros and by top amateurs who demand the best performance from their race machines. The complete Motorex line includes a broad range of synthetic engine oils, lubricants, aerosol sprays, cleaners and care products for bicycles, motorcycles and atv's.

Motorex Motocross Oil range

Fully synthetic high-performance 4-stroke engine oil, especially developed for Off-Road motorcycles. When this oil was developed, in close cooperation with racing teams and motorcycle manufacturers, attention was paid to the specific requirements of Off-Road use. JASO MA2 approval guarantees the fault-free functioning of wet multi-disc clutches.


  • Full Synthetic PAO and Ester based high performance 4-stroke engine oil
  • Developed for off road racing motorcycles
  • Extreme temperature and shear stability
  • Wet clutch compatible
  • Low evaporation loss
  • Racing quality
  • 10W/60 is recommended in KTM 250SXF & 350SXF


  • JASO MA2
  • KTM LC4 2007+
  • API SJ
  • API SH
  • API SG
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