Motorex Cross Power 2T (2 Stroke) Oil 1 Litre  £17.99

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Motorex Cross Power 2T (2 Stroke) Oil 1 Litre

Fully synthetic high-performance engine oil for 2-stroke Off-Road motorcycles. When this oil was developed – in direct cooperation with racing teams and motorcycle manufacturers – special attention was paid to the specific demands of Off-Road use.

MOTOREX CROSS POWER 2T has been especially developed for Off-Road use. It can be used for pre-mix and separate lubrication (mixing ratios in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation).

Developed with the help of KTM Factory Race Teams worldwide for motocross and supercross applications. Special 100% synthetic racing 2-stroke oil developed for the hardest of conditions in motocross and supercross racing.

Motorex Cross Power 2T Oil features:

  • Fully synthetic high-performance 2-stroke off- road racing oil
  • Optimum off-road performance and wear protection
  • Burns extremely cleanly with no carbon deposits on power valves or pistons
  • Premix and Injector/Autolube system compatible
  • Mix in accordance to manufacturer’s recommendation
  • Race quality
  • No smoke formula is welcome in indoor race tracks
  • Recommended by KTM for all of their 2-strokes


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