Metzeler Racetec RR Supersport Tyres Desde £220.00

despacho 2 - 3 días160/60 ZR17 - K2 (Rear)
PVPR £229.00
Ahorro 4%
Sólo 6 Disponible180/60 ZR17 - K1 (Rear)
PVPR £255.00
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Sólo 1 Disponible180/60 ZR17 - K2 (Rear)
PVPR £255.00
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despacho 2 - 3 días200/55 ZR17 - K1 (Rear)
PVPR £275.00
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Metzeler Racetec RR Supersport Tyres

  • RACETEC™ RR earns its name from the Road Races.
  • RR has been developed and put to the ultimate test with the winning teams and riders.
  • Successor of the Racetec Interact, the RR (which stands for road racing) is characterised by high grip in all conditions, with precision, excellent stability and consistent performance.
  • Road Races are one of the most difficult and challenging racing activities, due to the combination of circuit length, speed, altitude, temperature variation and variety of tarmac.
  • RACETEC™ RR has been engineered to cope with all these different situation in just one race, providing unmatched durability and versatility.
  • Dual Compound rear
  • 'in brackets' (W) speed index on all compound specs
  • Racing grip all the time, thanks to compound versatility across a wider range of temperatures and tarmac surfaces
  • Performance consistency given until the last mile
  • Trajectory precision and high speed stability

Who is RACETEC™ RR aimed at?

RACETEC™ RR is available in K1, K2 and K3 compounds. Motorcyclists can easily distinguish one compound from the other thanks to the labels on the side and the coloured stripes on the tread.

K1 - SOFT in soft compound.
K2 - MEDIUM in a compound of medium hardness
K3 - HARD is the harder compound.

To face with the changing conditions that may be encountered during the same race, METZELER has greatly expanded the versatility of the compounds.

RACETEC™ RR is dedicated to racers of all levels plus trackday riders who use the circuit for their hobby.

With regards to the rear tyre.
For example, hot asphalt loses some of its natural mechanical grip becoming smoother and more slippery. In these conditions a soft compound (such as K1) is necessary, as it can penetrate the asphalt surface as much as possible.

Cold tarmac, on the other hand, tends to be more aggressive and rougher, offering more mechanical grip which, while on the one hand is an advantage, on the other hand can cause the tyre to rip and tear, which therefore needs a compound with more mechanical resistance (such as K2).

For the front Tyres 
With regards to weather conditions, when the track temperature increases, the compound tends to lose its compactness and rigidity. This behaviour can cause movement problems in the ‘leaning’ stage. A more rigid compound such as K2 can reduce this effect.

Conversely, when the track is cold, the compound tends to become more rigid and this leads to a penalisation in regard to grip and stability while braking. In these conditions it is better to use a soft compound such as K1.

The K3 compound is dedicated to non-competitive use and can be used at any temperature, in any condition or abrasiveness of the asphalt, and is able to offer a significantly greater mileage.

In the K3 compound option specifically, the RACETEC™ RR is designed for all owners of supersport and naked bikes who enjoy a sporty riding style and who want the ultimate grip even on the road, looking for excitement and a high performance level.








Wet Performances







Consumer Use

High flexibility polymers

 Adapt to tarmac micro-texture

Grip in all conditions


 Combined stifness structure

 Differentiated behavior between crown and sidewall

 Precision & Stability


 Homogeneous rubber matrix

 Resistance to abrasion

 Performance consistency

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