LS2 FF327 Challenger Carbon Alloy Helmet (Titanium|Chrome|Orange)  £329.99

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LS2 FF327 Challenger Carbon Alloy Motorcycle Helmet (Titanium|Chrome|Orange)

A high performance, full-face motorcycle helmet designed by racers for racers. Challenger was developed by our designers and engineers in Spain working with our riders from MOTOGP, MOTO2 and MOTO3. Together, they developed the safest, most innovative performance helmet on the market.


  • UV-resistant layer
  • ECE 22.05
  • with infinitely adjustable sun visor
  • with high-quality helmet bag
  • with visor tear-offs

Shell sizes

  • LS2 offers multiple case sizes, custom-sized EPS protective films and our high-performance, high-quality comfort filler as well as 3D laser-cut plastic foam for a perfect fit and comfort throughout the day.


  • it is made from carbon

Cooling system

  • LS2 helmets have a so-called "Dynamic Flow-through Ventilation". Multiple adjustable inlet ducts and EPS damping with air ducts in conjunction with the rear spoiler and exhaust ducts provide permanent ventilation to provide the driver with cool and comfortable conditions.

Metallic security badge

  • This small metallic triangle is an exclusive LS2 feature, which additionally strengthens the connection of the helmet band with the helmet.


  • Double D Ring

Emergency release system

  • Our emergency release system allows the emergency service to remove the helmet pads and thus create an additional space for helmet removal with minimal movement of the injured person's head and neck. It is recommended that someone holds the helmet to avoid movement when removing the padding. Slide your finger into the red ribbon and gently pull on it to remove the pads. Slide the side pads over the straps and remove them from the helmet.


  • LS2 visors are made from 3D optically correct "A-class" polymers, a space exploration polymer with high resistance to impact energy and maximum visibility. Our visors are stable, scratch-resistant and UV-resistant. All this combined with the ultimate PINLOCK technology provides the most advanced anti-fog standard.

Quick disassembly system

  • This system (patent pending) simplifies the change of the visor with the bare hands. The spring detent built-in with detent pin secures a perfect fit without air gaps when the visor is closed.

Comfort lining

  • All LS2 helmets have removable and washable inner lining to keep them fresh and new. Our anatomically designed cheek pads are based on LS2's 3D laser technology for a perfect fit. We use hypoallergenic substances, which carry away the moisture, in order to ensure the driver always pleasant conditions.


  • A high-quality fabric placed in front of the chin reduces the airflow in the driver's face and makes it easier to drive. The chin guard is removable when hot.


  • We use hypoallergenic substances that support the moisture transport and ensure a comfortable fit.

Laser cut upholstery

  • Foam with different densities is laser cut in 3D and adapts perfectly to the driver's head shape.


  • 1285 g


  • 1 x LS2 helmet
  • 1 x helmet bag
  • 1 x sun visor, integrated
  • tear-offs included

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