Kriega Overlander-S OS-Base  £89.00

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Kriega Overlander-S OS-Base

Dirtbike riders who plan on spending more than just an afternoon out on the trail will run into many issues as they search for viable luggage options for their lightweight off road bikes. Metal pannier frames are far too heavy and take too long to install/uninstall, especially on the trail. Worst of all, they are often not as durable as the rugged machines they are being bolted to. The Kriega Overlander-S OS-Base addresses all of these issues, and more, with Kriega's typical attention to detail and awareness of rider's needs during serious adventure.

The OS-Base is compatible with just about any Off road bike or dual sport and, after the initial setup, fixes to your bike in just a few seconds. It is compatible with Kriega's OS-6, OS-12 or OS-18 drypacks. Additional luggage, like your tent and sleeping bag, can be lashed down above the rear mudguard with included loop mounts. Once you've set up camp or reached your hotel, the entire system, bags included, can be removed in a matter of seconds. 


  • Carrying capacity from 12 to 54 litres with center pack mounting option
  • Heavy-duty Hypalon construction
  • Quick and easy to take on and off
  • Reinforced stitching at all stress points
  • Aircraft grade alloy hooks
  • Non-slip cam buckles
  • 2 OS-Rack loops included
  • 51cm L x 19cm W (20" L x 7.5" W)
  • Weight: 700g (24.7oz)

Note: If the base or any luggage contacts the silencer, an aftermarket heat shield must be installed to prevent damage. All luggage and the Husqvarna sold separately. 

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