Dunlop Sportmax RoadSmart 2 Motorcycle Tires Desde £109.00

despacho 2 - 3 días120 / 70 ZR 17
PVPR £119.00
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despacho 2 - 3 días180 / 55 ZR 17
PVPR £152.00
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despacho 2 - 3 días190 /50 ZR 17
PVPR £157.00
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DUNLOP Motorcycle Tires Sportmax RoadSmart II

Dunlop’s new RoadSmart II Motorcycle tire provides a new benchmark of balanced all-round excellence for demanding riders. A premium sport touring tyre, combining the all-round attributes required, together with improved mileage.
Providing the freedom for adventure, safe in the knowledge, that RoadSmart II tyres can withstand all weathers and equip riders with the freedom to ride confidently.

Key benefits

  • An optimised blend of traction, grip, stability, comfort, handling and rider involvement
  • Front and Rear JLB deliver increased stability
  • Rear Multi-Tread for outstanding mileage
  • Particularly well suited to heavier or more sports-orientated touring bikes
  • Specially designed front grooves for shorter braking distances on dry and wet
  • Specifically designed carcass for easy and neutral low speed and high speed handling
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