Bridgestone T32 Sport Touring Motorcycle Tyre Desde £103.00

Sólo 1 Disponible120/60 ZR17 T32F (55W) TL (Front)
PVPR £110.00
Ahorro 6%
Sólo 6 Disponible120/70 ZR17 T32F (58W) TL (Front)
PVPR £126.00
Ahorro 3%
Sólo 1 Disponible110/80 ZR18 T32F (58W) TL (Front)
PVPR £112.00
Ahorro 6%
despacho 2 - 3 días160/60 ZR17 T32R (69W) TL (Rear)
PVPR £162.00
Ahorro 6%
Sólo 1 Disponible160/70 ZR17 T32R (73W) TL (Rear)
PVPR £144.00
Ahorro 6%
despacho 2 - 3 días170/60 ZR17 T32R (72W) TL (Rear)
PVPR £152.00
Ahorro 7%
Sólo 3 Disponible180/55 ZR17 T32R (73W) TL (Rear)
PVPR £168.00
Ahorro 5%
Sólo 2 Disponible190/50 ZR17 T32R (73W) TL (Rear)
PVPR £174.00
Ahorro 4%
Sólo 1 Disponible160/60 ZR18 T32R (70W) TL (Rear)
PVPR £145.00
Ahorro 5%
despacho 2 - 3 días120/70 ZR17 T32F (58W) TL GT (Front)
PVPR £128.00
Ahorro 5%
Sólo 3 Disponible120/70 ZR18 T32F (59W) TL GT (Front)
PVPR £139.00
Ahorro 5%
despacho 2 - 3 días170/60 ZR17 T32R (72W) TL GT (Rear)
PVPR £165.00
Ahorro 6%
Sólo 3 Disponible180/55 ZR17 T32R (73W) TL GT (Rear)
PVPR £165.00
Ahorro 4%
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Bridgestone Battlax Sport Touring T32 Motorcycle Tyre

The Bridgestone T32 Motorcycle Tyre is Bridgestone’s newest Sport Touring flagship model. The T32 brings together everything the category needs in terms of performance, confidence and contact feel in all weather conditions.

  • New benchmark for the Sport Touring category
  • Improve water channelling and drainage
  • Linear and neutral handling with increased contact feel with the road
  • Dedicated tyre for middleweight and heavy motorcycles
  • Implementation of new Pulse Groove pattern technology
  • Increase adhesion capabilities and reduce slip in difficult/wet conditions
  • Incorporate 3LC + Cap and Base compound configuration
  • Upgrade the groove positioning in line with the working forces

The Bridgestone T32 Motorcycle Tyre has been constructed using a high-performance single layer compound for the front with Silica Rich technology, RC polymer and Nano Pro Tech. The Rear uses 3LC compound in a CAP and BASE configuration with RICH EX technology, RC Polymer and Nano Pro Tech. Both the front and rear have a MS-BELT construction with HTSPC cord technology. This construction on the Tres provides outstanding dry and wet handling capabilities, excellent high speed stability and wet grip in cold conditions.

The T32 features technical upgrades such as the implementation of the Pulse Groove pattern technology and new efforts in terms of construction and compound combination. The Pulse Groove Technology is Bridgestone’s focus for performance in wet handling and total wet performance using a state of the art advanced technological pattern / groove design combining pulse-shaped grooves with small centre deflectors. The tread pattern design has a pulse-shaped grooves and deflectors which optimises and speeds up waterflow through the Tyre. This increases the water drainage, providing better grip and adhesion in wet conditions. The Pulse Groove technology is a key contributing factor to the significant wet performance enhancement.

The T32 Tyre sets a new benchmark within the Sports Touring category with impressive numbers regarding contact patch increase and contact patch adhesion upgrades – all without losing its highly appreciated linear and neutral

handling behaviour. The Tyre's pattern design has an increased groove ratio % on the front and rear, and an optimised groove angle and position. These features provide optimised pattern stiffness and support handling linearity.

These Tyres have been developed using UltimatEYE Data Visualisation which increases the adhesion area, reducing the slippage area on the Front Tyre. It also increases the total contact patch by 13% on the Rear Tyre and the total adhesion within the contact area on the Rear. This provides improved contact feeling, wet cornering grip and a linear and natural handling behaviour.

For the middleweight and heavy touring motorcycles out there, Bridgestone decided to develop a fully dedicated T32 GT tyre with dedicated technical features and pattern design, in line with the requirements for this very specific motorcycle category.

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