Bikeit Garage Mat Series 4 Kawasaki  £44.99

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Bikeit Garage Mat Series 4 Kawasaki

Garage mats can be used for decoration and display purposes in home garages. Mats also function as protective environmental work-mats both indoors and outdoors, preventing fuel and lubricant spills when carrying out maintenance and repairs.

Each mat is constructed with nylon-fibre top section which is oil and water resistant. The backing is non-slip and prevents lubricants seeping through. This mat fully complies with FIM regulations for environmental mats fluid absorption, suitable for use at tracks and circuits.

Mat is hand-washable.


  • Series 4 garage mate
  • Large size mat - 190x80cm
  • Durable nylon fibre mat top
  • Non-slip backing
  • Oil and water resistant
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